Signature Marcel Dreux

The accordina is a wind musical instrument with free reeds like the accordion or the harmonica. Designed and manufactured in the 3 years by A. Borel, it had not been built for a long time and was traded randomly in the classifieds. Today, an artisanal company in the south of France, directed by Marcel Dreux, an accordionist who loves this instrument, has taken over its construction.

All components, without exception, of the accordina buttons are made of stainless materials and insensitive to water. This is very important considering the large amount of condensation that human breath generates. The maintenance of the accordinas sucks. It suffices, after use, to blow by opening the purge valve to evacuate the condensation (so as not to soil the case).

To make your choice...

First of all, you must define your keyboard plan , define the location of the beak (top or on the side) as well as the beak model (On the side: Borel & Romanelli Borel or At the top: Nicolas court & nicolas long ). For the dressing of your future accordina, you can choose the grille and its finish : the side vents can be "brushed or shiny" full or perforated and with different patterns.

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