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The cost of maintaining an accordion depends on many criteria: its age, the model, its condition, whether the instrument is serviced regularly or not, the bill of the instrument, the current tuning, the number of voice of the instrument, with or without resonance box......

Here are therefore some estimates of prices excluding tax, subject to seeing the instrument before any intervention and subject of course, that the accordion is of good quality in "new" condition: indeed, some accordions of poor quality, unfortunately present , defects visible from the first days, even the first hours of use... Repairs are, in this case, very difficult or impossible and without guarantee.

Punctual and rapid repairs are possible :

A broken blade : between 30 and 60 € depending on the quality of the music installed (Machine music, Super-dural, Tipo a mano, A Mano), waxed or nailed music. A changed blade must be adjusted and tuned. Changed or reattached skin requires retouching by agreement.
Left Hand strap to change, bellows closures, bellows joint, blocked blade …Between 30€ and 80€.
A note bothers you, a skin to change, a button to change … An intervention will always be possible on a case-by-case or note-by-note basis: a single note bothers you, so we only do that one! Be careful, a single note plays several reeds at the same time depending on the register used...
Mechanical problems or broken piston/button : Simple adjustment or major repair will be required. Very variable estimate depending on the dismantling work and the accordion models.
Bellows repair : wear strips to be restored, missing bellows corner, repair of part of the bellows, various leaks... It is preferable and economical to quickly repair a bellows corner, change the wear strips ... under penalty of having to change it.
Air or sound leak : the price will mainly depend on the location of the leak and its location. The leak may be quickly spotted and repaired or on the contrary will require the dismantling of part of the mechanics or even in some cases complete dismantling or possible restoration. Dismantling required for a quote...

If your accordion is between 1 and 3 years old , the maintenance requires a simple dusting, a general verification of the compression and possibly a tuning adjustment of a few notes. Count between €90 and €130 depending on the model.

If your accordion is between 3 and 5 years old , it will be a general overhaul: dusting, tuning retouching, bellows seal, estimate between 130 and 280 € depending on the model (2 voices, 3 voices, 4 voices, with or without resonance box, button keyboard or piano...).

After 5 years or before depending on the quality of the instrument , a complete tuning may still be considered provided that the music is in perfect condition (well fixed chassis, no oxidation, music skins in perfect condition... ) . A change of "Brio" is also possible on estimate. Do not hesitate to contact us .

Tuning a 2-voice model : from 130 to 180 Euros.
Tuning a 3-voice model : from 180 to 270 Euros.
Tuning a 3 or 4 voice box model : from 270 to 500 Euros.
Bandoneon tuning, chromatic bass model, diatonic model : on estimate.
A modification of the Brio : on estimate.

If the tuning is not possible in the state , a restoration of the music will be necessary (complete dismantling of the music, cleaning, skinning, assembly, various adjustments, Tuning to the original pitch. In this case, dismantling will also be necessary to produce the estimate and avoid surprises...

If your Accordion is old , a restoration price is impossible to estimate without seeing your instrument. Even if a restoration of the music is always possible, it is imperative that the mechanism is reliable and "playable" to offer you an acceptable game and listening... A visit to the workshop (preferably by appointment) will be necessary for open your instrument and estimate the work to be undertaken. This intervention does not commit you to anything and is free of charge.

As you have understood, it is difficult to establish a quote and an estimate without seeing the instrument. Do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment at the workshop or for other information if necessary.

Expertise of your instrument

Following a fall, water damage, damage by a third party or yourself, you need a repair estimate or an estimate of the value of your instrument for your insurer...We can carry out the expertise for the price of 60€ payable in advance: this price includes the dismantling of the instrument, the photos and the establishment of the expert report. The cost of the estimate will be deducted from the repair work if you decide to carry it out at the tuning workshop. See our examples of accordions that have been appraised

For a simple estimate of the value of the instrument in order to sell it, following a death, a garage sale or other and not requiring photos or even a repair estimate, the estimate is free.
The consignment service is at your disposal to help you find a new buyer for your instrument. Contact us