Technical sheets and plans of keyboards

Technical sheet

  • The accordina is about 30 centimeters long.
  • Its keyboard of 44 white and black buttons is composed of 3 rows.
    The black buttons correspond to accidentals, like on a piano.
  • The range covers 3.5 octaves tuned at 440 Hz (different pitch, on request).
  • Its range: from Fa3 to C7 for the traditional model.
  • The soft or loud sound allows you to play according to your mood in a romantic or completely unbridled way.
  • All components, without exception, of the accordina are made of stainless or water-resistant materials. This is very important considering the large amount of condensation that human breath generates.
  • The maintenance of accordinas is minimal. Simply, after use, blow by opening the purge valve to evacuate the condensation and that's it.
  • The guarantee for accordinas is 5 years for parts and labour, on condition that the guarantee certificate has been returned to the company.
  • Your name can be engraved instead of the serial number if you have placed a firm order, paid a deposit and accepted the extension.


The Italian system keyboard has a range of 3.5 octaves. Its range is from Fa3 – Do7.

It is tuned to 440Hz or a different pitch of your choosing. The keyboard, black and white on the standard model, can be all black or all white.

Other keyboard plans are also available on request:

  • B – Griff (Russian system),
  • Diato type Pignol Milleret
  • or organized according to your request...

Examples of keyboards: