A few excerpts to listen to

Today, Richard Galliano, Ludovic Beier, Francis Jauvain, Daniel Mille, Jean-Louis Matinier, Roland Romanelli, Olivier Manoury or even Julien Labro use the accordina to explore many musical universes: jazz, French song ( Georges Moustaki , in tour, preferred Jauvain's accordina to the traditional accordion), film music ( Romanelli recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra the soundtrack to Alexandre Arcady's next film), contemporary ( Jauvain designed for the choreographer Régine Chapirot five creations, which bring the accordina up on stage in improvised sessions with the dancers)...

Some excerpts:

Olivier Manoury, city by night

Ludovic Beier on accordina and Dorado Schmitt on guitar

Richard Galliano - Minuet & Badinerie (JS Bach)

LE DENICHEUR Jazz Version par Ludovic Beier

Some pictures :