Leave your accordion on deposit

Deposit sale

The workshop's "consignment-sale" service allows you to deposit the accordion you wish to sell. This service is free. The sale price is determined together after an expertise and an estimate, if necessary, of the work to be considered for its restoration. You are thus informed, as will be the future purchaser, of the state of your instrument.

On the day of the deposit, a contract mentioning the sale price and any work to be considered by you or the future buyer is drawn up. Even if the instrument remains the property of the depositor, a minimum deposit period will be agreed. This is to allow the presentations and appointments necessary for the sale of your accordion.

To allow us to present your accordion in good conditions, the small repairs necessary for its presentation, will be advised and will remain at your expense if you decide to recover it. It can also be sold in the state if you wish...

This service allows the sale of your instrument by an experienced professional who knows your instrument and its characteristics perfectly. He will be able to advise the future buyer on possible improvements (change of the Brio, MIDI installation, etc.), and will guarantee any repairs carried out for one year. These repairs will be the responsibility of the future purchaser who remains free to carry them out or not.

Recovery of your accordion

The recovery of your accordion is possible in case of purchase or not. The trade-in price will depend on several criteria: its age, its condition, whether the instrument is serviced regularly or not, the bill of the instrument, the number of voices of the instrument, with or without a sound box... and of course, any work necessary for its resale.

The "consignment-sale" service is a resale alternative that is sometimes more advantageous since you determine the selling price yourself. We remain at your disposal to study and consider a proposal for the recovery of your instrument.