chromatic and diatonic

The tuning workshop provides you with a large stock of study accordions. It is composed of standard diatonic and chromatic models or chromatic basses with trigger. The instruments are delivered with a case or a transport bag, as well as a pair of straps and dorsal if necessary.

The accordions offered for hire are checked regularly and their maintenance is provided free of charge by the workshop for the duration of the hire. The costs of repair (excluding normal maintenance and wear), damage, theft of the rented equipment are the responsibility of the renter (it is therefore important to check with your insurer that the instrument is covered by the insurance ).

The rental allows you to start and test your interest in this beautiful instrument ... The workshop offers you to start and familiarize yourself with a study instrument to finally choose the instrument you need according to your desires...We pay particular attention to accompanying you during this period of "musical research", so take advantage of our experience and our advice...

A contract mentioning the rental period of 3 months , the amount of the rent and various information is established. The rent, payable in advance, can be made by check, bank transfer or in cash at the workshop. An identity document as well as a deposit check for an amount corresponding to the value of the instrument is requested, it is not cashed.

Une prise en charge par l'atelier reste tolérée...

L'atelier de l'accordéon et de l'accordage propose des modèles d'accordéons à la location avec un service personnalisé, une proximité pour les éventuelles réparations, les entretiens qui restent nécessaires pour les instruments en location. Ce service est gratuit pour les instruments de l'atelier.

Les instruments loués dans d'autres magasins, et plus particulièrement dans d'autres régions qui nécessitent une expédition, peuvent effectivement être réparés par l'atelier... L'atelier de l'accordage n'a pas vocation à entretenir les instruments qui ne lui appartiennent pas. Il est évident qu'une location à distance ne facilite pas les entretiens nécessaires au bon fonctionnement de l'instrument. Des réglages divers, serrage de vis, dépoussiérage sont des interventions fréquentes et préventives à ne pas négliger.

Une prise en charge par l'atelier reste tolérée... sous réserve de disponibilités pour la réparation, d'accepter un RDV et un délai éventuel de réparation.

Une location pour un tarif plus attractif que celui proposé par l'atelier de l'accordage doit inclure les frais d'envoi, de réparation, les retours pour l'entretien... Le service tout simplement...

Un service qui ne rend pas service, n'est pas un service !!

Traditional rental formula

After 6 months of rental, a discount of one quarter of rental (subject to up-to-date rents) will be deducted for the purchase of a new instrument (this offer is not valid for new Hohner models. For these models , hire-purchase is recommended).
After 1 year of rental, a discount of 2 quarters of rental (subject to up-to-date rents) will be deducted for the purchase of a new instrument (this offer is not valid for new Hohner models. For these models, hire-purchase is recommended).
For the purchase of a used model , an offer will be made based on the models available.

Rental - Sale Formula

Hire-purchase allows you a 3-month rental with the option to purchase a new or used instrument. If the rental instrument is new or used, and you want to buy this instrument, you get back the 3 months of rental in the form of an immediate discount. If you wish to continue the rental without buying, you will keep the instrument or another instrument will be rented to you. You will switch to the traditional rental formula.

Modèles en location :