Some technical explanations necessary to choose your future instrument

accordéon LeBrio à l'atelier de l'accordage

♪ Whatever the "Le Brio" model, an important point concerns the music installed: 3 different qualities are used: For a study model, "Standard" or "SD" music is installed. A different quality will be possible whatever the model of your choice. The "TAM" or "A Mano" music is still recommended for the "Le Brio" chromatic and diatonic models: CAGNONI , ARTIGIANA for "TAM" or "A Mano HQ" music of professional quality and VOCI ARMONICHE (Antonelli) or BINCI whose qualities and reputation are no longer to be proven.


The "SD" or Super Dural music, for quality and dynamic sound: the dural (aluminum alloy) frame is harder and more resistant than a standard aluminum music, music generally used for study models.
The "TAM" or Tipo a Mano music, for a professional quality, clear and balanced sound: the frame is made of duraluminium and the blade is riveted by hand.
The music "A Mano" for a powerful, round and balanced sound: the blades are cut by two in the direction of the length for a perfect equality of the timbre of the two blades (pulled and pushed for the chromatic). The piece is then cut in two and calibrated to the required shape. Each blade is worked and mounted by hand on the frame in order to obtain the best sound quality at the best possible performance.

♪ The high quality aluminum keyboard and the smooth bass mechanics will give you a comfortable playing experience and a touch worthy of the greatest. For the diatonic models, the left hand strap is adjustable with the thumbwheel and the "bellows closures" can be left off at your request.

Quality, simplicity and aesthetics: the finishing of the solid wood case, the discretion of the "Le Brio" brand, without forgetting a very beautiful chromed or wooden cover note according to the models, which finishes with elegance the models.

The choice of the "brio" or the type of tuning (dry, swing, ½ swing, American, celeste, musette... is defined when ordering the instrument. The ½ swing is installed on the diatonic "le Brio" models and "American" on the chromatic models. Another tuning is of course possible at your request.

"Le Brio" is delivered with left hand straps matching the velvet lined leather straps (and bellows closure for the diatonic models) and a carrying case or bag of your choice.

♪ Not to mention a 3-year parts and labor warranty (excluding tuning and broken blades) valid for the first purchaser, with a free overhaul the first year for "Le Brio" models

"Le Brio" can be sent: from +50,00 € to 130,00 € shipping costs depending on the model: very well packed, delivered by carrier, insurance included. Unless you want to pay us a little visit...


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